Police urge community to show their support for ‘Dob in a Dealer’ as campaign continues in The Hume LAC

A week into the ‘Dob in a Dealer’ campaign in The Hume Local Area Command (LAC), police and Crime Stoppers are urging residents to show their support in stamping out the spread of illicit drugs.

The Commonwealth-funded campaign is currently taking place within States and Territories across Australia.

In NSW, the campaign is being held in 21 metropolitan and regional LACs over a six-month period between March and September 2016.

It will run in each LAC for two weeks, during which local residents will be urged to help police shut down drug-manufacturing syndicates and arrest drug suppliers by reporting relevant information to Crime Stoppers.

Since the launch of The Hume LAC campaign last Monday (20 June 2016), local officers have been out in the community distributing information and educating the public on how they can support the campaign.

The Hume Local Area Commander, Acting Superintendent Andrew Koutsoufis, urged the community to get behind ‘Dob in a Dealer’ as the campaign continues this week.

“Our officers will continue their work this week in sharing information with members of the community about how they can support this important campaign,” A/Supt Koutsoufis said.

“They’ll be spending time at transport hubs, speaking with commuters and local residents and educating people on how they can report information to Crime Stoppers.

“I’d like to remind everyone not to underestimate the positive contribution you can make through a simple call to Crime Stoppers – if we know what’s happening in your neighbourhood we can take action,” A/Supt Koutsoufis said.

“Prohibited drugs – including ‘ice’ – continue to have a devastating impact on our community. Regular use of these substances can lead to the disruption of careers, family breakdown and it can isolate users from their family and friends.

“These drugs do not discriminate; they can affect people from both disadvantaged and affluent social and economic backgrounds,” A/Supt Koutsoufis said.

“There is simply no place for these substances in our community. But if we work together, we can detect those who seek to manufacture and supply these drugs, and in doing so make our neighbourhoods a safer place.”

Crime Stoppers NSW CEO, Peter Price, said drugs can have devastating consequences for the whole community, and putting a stop to the flow of drugs requires a whole-of-community response.

“Local residents often hold the key to information that can help reduce crime, and we are asking people who live within The Hume LAC to play an active role and report those people that are bringing harmful drugs into the area,” Mr Price said.

“If you have already reported something to Crime Stoppers, we thank you; if you have not and know something, we ask that you let us know immediately.

“By making that one anonymous phone call or online report, you could save not only your community from drugs, but also someone’s life,” Mr Price said.

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