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    Just listening to Ian’s Homegrown Country today. What a great job this man has done for so many years giving us a window into the whole country music scene (not just what you see on TV).
    Anne, Cessnock

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    ZFM Country is my Favourite country destination.
    Ian, Hexham

    I am from Nashville and have been a listener to ZFM Country for over a decade now and it just gets better all the time. Thanks for playing all the indies and getting that country to air.
    Bill, Nashville

    I listen to your Country station all the time.
    Siana, Holbrook

  3. system system

    Nice site. One toe tapping tune after another. Keep it Country!

    Hello down under from Texas.
    Roger “The Cowboy” Jones

    Good to see Newcastle has a country music station at last.
    Elise, Boolaroo

    Thank you Ian for bringing us your Homegrown country shows on Saturdays. We always tune in to hear some Real Country.
    Phil and Mary Simmons, Edgeworth

    ZFM is a great Radio Station with some really entertaining presenters.
    Bill, Gateshead

  4. system system

    Hi Ian Crombie.
    Thank you for playing my tribute poem to Slim Dusty last Saturday – ‘Slim’s Last Country Mile’. You have a big audience up Tamworth way as many fellow nurses said they heard the broadcast. Thanks again. Best regards –
    Maggi- The Bush Nurse

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