Deputy Commissioner Burn appeals to Cootamundra community to share road safety responsibility

Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn, Specialist Operations, today urged the community in Cootamundra to share with police the responsibility of reducing road trauma.

“Don’t let the road take its toll, 16 people have died from your community since the beginning of 2015,” Deputy Commissioner Burn said.

“Take a moment to think about that. 16 fathers, mothers, sons and daughters lost.

“That is why we’re here today. We care and we have come here to show you we are together in this, we are united in your pain and we need you to share the responsibility of reducing road trauma.

“We are embarking on a journey through country NSW and starting here today to show our commitment to safer journeys and appeal for your help.

“Our officers will do all they can, and we want you, the driver, passenger, rider and pedestrian to do what you can to achieve that result,” Deputy Commissioner Burn said.

“Tight-knit communities such as this one feel the pain perhaps even more deeply when tragedy strikes. There might be someone here who has lost a loved one on the road and that loss leaves a mark on an entire community for a very long time.

“194 people have died on NSW roads this year. It’s not enough to hear us, we need you to act, to work with us to end this tragic, and often avoidable, loss of life on our roads.

“Let’s all slow down, not drink or take drugs and drive, ignore the mobile phone, buckle up, take frequent rests and watch out for each other.

“We understand that driving on country roads is different than driving on city roads.

  • Drive to the conditions, not just the speed limit.
  • It takes longer to stop on gravel roads and it’s easy to lose control.
  • Expect the unexpected. Tractors or animals might be just around the corner.
  • Don’t swerve for animals. Brake, flash lights and use the vehicle’s horn.
  • Remember, country road conditions change rapidly.

“This is not about fines, demerit points, suspensions or infringements. This is about the difference between living and dying, life and incapacitation.

“This is a plea to every road user to do the right thing, to arrive safe to the family.

“It is a plea for patience, common sense, sound judgement and wise decisions.

“We are conducting more drug and alcohol tests utilizing more kits;

“We have dedicated officers working around the clock to reduce road trauma;

“We have safer cars and better roads;

“But they are all in vain if we don’t take personal responsibility on our roads,” Deputy Commissioner Burn said.

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