Driver unscathed in highway truck crash

A driver escaped without injury on Monday afternoon after his truck collided with guard rails and flipped into a tree on the Hume Highway, near Parkesbourne.

The single-vehicle crash brought southbound traffic to a standstill for about an hour at Wollogorang, while emergency services attended the scene.

A single lane was reopened to holiday traffic as cleanup continued into the late afternoon.

Traffic and Highway Patrol Sergeant Rod Cranston said the incident came down to “inattention”.

“It was the driver’s inattention to do something while driving that caused the vehicle to collide with the guard rail, clip the next guard rail and then go down the cattle livestock underpass, go over the edge and flip into a tree,” he told the Post.

While initially tasked to the scene, the Snowy Hydro SouthCare helicopter was not required.

Sgt Cranston confirmed the driver “did not have a scratch on him”.

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