Newcastle University Choir “Remembers”

I Remember is the theme of their August 3 concert, and it’s also the title of a choral work by local composer Victor Marden. Vic will be joining the choir for this performance.

I Remember was first performed in 1998, to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the end of WWI. The work reflects Vic’s experiences as a boy, and is an act of remembrance for his father and his mother’s cousin.

Vic grew up in the seaside village of Selsey. Here he witnessed the dogfights of the Battle of Britain, as Hurricanes and Spitfires fought off the Junkers and Messerschmitts of the invading Luftwaffe. His father served in K Class submarines in WWI. These steam-propelled vessels became known as Kalamity Class – one of their problems being that in heavy seas seawater could enter the funnels and extinguish the boilers.

Vic recalls that his mother and her cousin were very close. She told Vic of their last farewell, when he left to go to war, never to return. His body was never found, and she was unable to find his grave. In 1948 Vic came to Australia. A music lover, he studied singing and became involved in stage productions. In 1977 he moved to Adelaide and joined the Adelaide Harmony Choir.

He composed his first work in 1991, and was encouraged to further his music studies. He studied composition with Russel Larkin, Music Director of the Adelaide Philharmonia Chorus. During this period he composed his Coromandel Trio for Violin, Piano and Cello, a number of waltzes, duets and songs for soloists and choirs.

I Remember is a love story, it reflects the experiences of those who lost their lives or loved ones in the tragedy of war. Our soloists will be Rebecca O’Mara, Emma Elsley, Paul Morris and Peter Willis.


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