Review: Upstream Color (2013)

This is a somewhat bizarre film that screams “I am an art film” throughout similar to UpstreamColorMelancholia with its 20 minutes of slow-motion at the beginning!

Yes it is an interesting idea: an organism that binds people together so that they experience life in very similar ways. My only criticism is that the film language used to describe this was deliberately painful to understand and comprehend.

On one hand you have a film with poor editing and narrative structure, but if you’re going to show it at Canne you can get away with both of these problems by simply suggesting you meant it that way to break new ground in film making.

This I believe is my problem with a film that could have been so much better, the maker forgot about the audience and just tried to impress their peers. The film’s style is also not very original, Goddard was turning out this sort of image blinking, hard to follow rubbish in Number Two in 1975.


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