Review: Pure (2002)


Mummy with her Medicine

I can just hear the critics on this one “Masterpiece of Cinema” “A defining Film” etc. Very nice for them. Yes it was a very good film I would agree, but it tried just a bit too hard to be a brilliant film.

Pure discusses the affects of heroin on working class families in Britain (mainly living on estates). It asks questions about how the children fare in the whole process while mummy spends her life on the “Medicine”. This it does very well, albeit with a bit too much sympathy for the drug users who should grow up and care for their kids.

Where the film falls down is its unrealistic approach to the ultimate effect the use of drugs has on family units, it tries to suggest that if you just try hard enough everything will work out fine. This despite most children of addicts ending up in care and family units being broken apart.

Keira Knightly has not overwhelmed me in many of her performances since Bend it Like Beckham, in Pure she has redeemed herself with a very believable performance.

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