Review: Jailbait (2013)


Sara Malakul getting ready to go on voracious lesbian heat or something

There is a video-nasty called Chained Heat which came out in 1983 and starred the all-grown-up Linda Blair trying to shed her child star image (I guess after spinning heads and masturbating with crucifixes in The Exorcist where do you go?!) Essentially it was an exploitation film with lots of nude shower scenes and pseudo sexual violence. The same sort of thing was explored in the English film Scrubbers.

Jailbait is pretty much a remake of the former although it does cover some new ground. The film has lesbian scenes which are quite long and fairly explicit (lots of uncomfortable coughing if you sit and watch it with the family type of thing) . These seem to just happen almost without any “how do you do” as if the whole prison experience in some way instantly turns women into sex-depraved lesbians crazily on heat for each other.

The warden is a complete pervert as in the original, basically swapping fairness for sexual favours. I won’t spoil it for you, but if you have watched the original you won’t be very surprised! Don’t expect any world class production values or acting here, as this is an Asylum production it is distinctly B-grade pretty much like Chained Heat.




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