P-plate hoons take to Hume racetrack

PROBATIONARY drivers have raised the ire of Albury police with four of them caught flouting their licence conditions over the long weekend.

Three were caught driving at least 40 km/h over the speed limit — one clocking 174 km/h on the Hume Highway — and the fourth drink- driving.

The flagrant breach involved a Sydney man, 33, driving a twin-turbo Audi V8.

Police who were conducting Operation Stay Alert caught him driving at 74km/h over the limit on the Hume Highway near Holbrook on Saturday about 5.30pm.

He had 100km/h limit condition on his licence.

Sergeant Andrew Pike said a crash at that detected speed would have almost certainly been fatal.

“He is inexperienced and was driving a high-performance car,” Sgt Pike said.

“His chances of surviving a crash are extremely limited.”

The other speedsters were another Sydney man, 32, travelling at 56km/h over the limit on the Hume at Woomargama early on Saturday and a youth, 17, at 40km/h over the limit at Table Top early on Friday.

An Albury woman 26, was caught driving with a blood alcohol reading of 0.240 in Logan Road, Albury about 2.30am Sunday. She also refused to provide a secondary sample at Albury police station. As a P-plater she was required to drive alcohol-free.

In Wodonga, police said drug-drivers were again a real concern over the weekend.

While figures were not available yesterday, Sgt Cameron Roberts said the number of drug-drivers caught was “into double figures”.

“Drug-driving is something that will continue as an issue,” he said.

“We’re testing for it more and more and so we’re going to get more positives.

“People shouldn’t have these sorts of substances in them at any time and it’s made worse by driving a vehicle.

“Drug testing in Victoria is expanding and the chances of getting caught are going to significantly increase.”

Sgt Roberts said the number of positive drug tests on drivers in Wod-onga was surprising.

“There’s an element of disappointment,” he said. “The positive side is that we’re aware of it and picking it up.

“It’s being targeted and targeted quite successfully.”

Police on both sides of the border were mostly happy with drivers’ behaviour at the weekend and that there were no deaths of serious injuries in the region.

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