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Preview: The Human Race (2013)

A really fascinating piece of Sci Fi that keeps you guessing right up until the very end (and human-race-20121-2the ending is somewhat of a kicker believe me!).

People see a bright white light in the sky and are transported to an old series of warehouses where they must continually race each other. If they deviate from the race track or are lapped twice by any other competitor they die horribly.

Not made on exactly a massive budget, I suspect this one might have been an Indie film but well worth a watch.

Review: Pure (2002)


Mummy with her Medicine

I can just hear the critics on this one “Masterpiece of Cinema” “A defining Film” etc. Very nice for them. Yes it was a very good film I would agree, but it tried just a bit too hard to be a brilliant film.

Pure discusses the affects of heroin on working class families in Britain (mainly living on estates). It asks questions about how the children fare in the whole process while mummy spends her life on the “Medicine”. This it does very well, albeit with a bit too much sympathy for the drug users who should grow up and care for their kids.

Where the film falls down is its unrealistic approach to the ultimate effect the use of drugs has on family units, it tries to suggest that if you just try hard enough everything will work out fine. This despite most children of addicts ending up in care and family units being broken apart.

Keira Knightly has not overwhelmed me in many of her performances since Bend it Like Beckham, in Pure she has redeemed herself with a very believable performance.

Review: Jailbait (2013)


Sara Malakul getting ready to go on voracious lesbian heat or something

There is a video-nasty called Chained Heat which came out in 1983 and starred the all-grown-up Linda Blair trying to shed her child star image (I guess after spinning heads and masturbating with crucifixes in The Exorcist where do you go?!) Essentially it was an exploitation film with lots of nude shower scenes and pseudo sexual violence. The same sort of thing was explored in the English film Scrubbers.

Jailbait is pretty much a remake of the former although it does cover some new ground. The film has lesbian scenes which are quite long and fairly explicit (lots of uncomfortable coughing if you sit and watch it with the family type of thing) . These seem to just happen almost without any “how do you do” as if the whole prison experience in some way instantly turns women into sex-depraved lesbians crazily on heat for each other.

The warden is a complete pervert as in the original, basically swapping fairness for sexual favours. I won’t spoil it for you, but if you have watched the original you won’t be very surprised! Don’t expect any world class production values or acting here, as this is an Asylum production it is distinctly B-grade pretty much like Chained Heat.




Review: Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)

I am a big fan of Body Snatchers films and the various remakes and clones, so I guess it isinvasion-of-the-body-snatchers-1956-film-review-shelf-heroes something of a surprise that I had never gotten around to watching the original 1956 version. This is unusual for me and something I have since rectified!

I must say that of all the various films following much the same story this one is my supreme favourite now!  Filmed in Black and White in a time when the Cold War and McCarthyism was rabid, the film takes on a paranoid veneer somewhat missing in the later versions. You can almost feel the “reds under the bed” atmosphere in every scene. Scenes where the whole town swiftly changed from normal small town everybody-going-about-their-business-USA to an alien invasion in an eye blink, somehow worked better than the cities later versions revolved around. There is a brilliant scene where the town is alive and thriving on a Saturday morning, which suddenly changes to a nightmare as trucks full of pods arrive. Seemingly normal people immediately drop everything they are doing…very creepy!

I guess the only thing I did miss was Leonard Nimoy from the eighties version turning the tables on us after he is taken over (Mr Spock what are you doing?) , but we can’t have everything!

Review: Ice Planet (2003)

This was a little gem I watched on Youtube, which was apparently the pilot to a planned iceplanetCanadian TV series that never happened.

A huge spaceship arrives through space and destroys an earth colony. The earthlings set off in an experimental spaceship to a planet deep in space to answer an encrypted message…

Ok, so its decidedly cheap and nasty with not much money being spent on production values, but the acting is first rate, the CGI is not bad and the story is very, very interesting.

At the time of writing you could still watch it here:



Review: American Hustle (2013)

A sometimes confusing but very funny film American Hustle dares to go where no other con american-hustle-posters-sonyartist film goes!

Irving Rosenfeld and his partner Sydney Prosser are minding their own business harmlessly conning people who can not get credit anywhere, when their world is interrupted by the FBI and agent Richie DiMaso.

The FBI offer is simple: work for us or face lots of years in Gaol. What follows is a trail of sting operations that involve Councillors to senators. One of the best things about this film are its outlandish seventies hairstyles and outfits which have to be seen to be believed!

Review: 52 Pick Up (1986)

52 Pick Up (1986)

Roy encounters a bevy of beauties in his search to find who killed his beauty!

This film is a bit of a gem of an eighties film in which Roy Scheider gives a sterling performance.

A businessman who develops coatings for NASA is blackmailed by some hoodlums who learns about his affair with a young stripper. Initially he refuses to pay them which means they escalate their threats in the worst possible ways..



Australian pop icon Tina Arena is set to return to our shores this August to embark on a national tour following the overwhelming success of her latest album, her first original English language release in 12 years, Reset

Tina Arena is a name that is synonymous with Australian music and pop culture. Her voice has resonated throughout generations from her early days on Young Talent Time, to her coming of age debut album Strong as Steel, through to her incredible international success with sophomore album, ten times platinum Don’t Ask and follow up multi-platinum In Deep, and then again with 2001’s Just Me.

Tina’s career boasts an incredible playbook of anthemic hits that have penetrated the Australian musical landscape and earned her both critical and commercial acclaim both at home and abroad. Hits like platinum selling I Need Your Body, Chains, Heaven Help My Heart, Sorrento Moon, Burn, Now I Can Dance and Symphony Of Life have established Tina as Australia’s premier songstress having recently been voted the greatest Australian female singer of all time by her Australian musical peers.

Then there’s her extraordinary parallel pop career in her adopted home of France, where she’s sold over 4 million records and received that country’s highest cultural honour, a Knighthood of the Order of National Merit – a first for any Australian artist.

Tina was also the first woman to win the ARIA Award for “Album of the Year”, and was bestowed the honour of opening the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000 and she has won several World Music Awards – there’s also been her critically acclaimed stints as a music theatre star on the West End in London. And, more recently, her double platinum Songs of Love & Loss tribute albums and national symphonic tours. Away from music, in 2005, Tina became a mother to son Gabriel.

2013 marked Tina’s triumphant return to the Australian charts with Reset being one of the highest selling Australian albums of year spending 3 months in the ARIA top 20, and earning a spot in News Limited’s ‘Top 20 Albums of the Year’ list reconfirming Tina’s unmistakeable ability to connect with Australian audiences. Described by News Limited’s Cameron Adams as “… classy electro-pop … modern but timeless …”, ABC radio called it “a landmark album – extraordinary” and the Sydney Morning Herald said “stylish and adult – all class

You Set Fire to My Life, Reset All and Only Lonely are 3 songs from the album that have already charted and there are more to come.

Reset is Tina as we’ve not heard her before but at the same time doing what she does best.

2013 was also the year Tina had 7 albums and 10 singles simultaneously charting on iTunes after a high profile TV interview. She also released her anticipated biography “Now I Can Dance” last October and it’s already in its 4th reprint.

With this latest album as the catalyst, Tina is embarking on the national Reset Tour this August and in keeping with the theme, Tina has created an exciting new show where she will bring to life the album and thrill audiences with hits from her entire career as they’ve never been seen before.

World-renowned director Bruce Ramus, who has designed and directed countless international live shows and events including U2, R.E.M., Björk and David Bowie as well as some of television’s biggest events – Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, MTV Awards and Super Bowl Halftime Shows – has also jumped on-board as Tina’s co-creative director, and the results of this partnership are destined to be magical.

Tina today said “I’m really excited that Australian audiences will be the first in the world to experience songs from Reset in a live environment. I’m so happy this album has connected with so many people and these songs are going to really come to life in this show.”

Don’t miss your chance to see Tina Arena light up the room on the Reset Tour when tickets go on sale from 2.00pm local time, Thursday March 20, 2014.  The Reset album is available now through EMI Music Australia. 

Tina Arena – Reset Tour

Tickets on sale from 2.00pm local time, Thursday March 20, 2014

Crown Theatre, Perth

Friday, August 15, 2014

Tickets available from  and 132 849

Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide

Monday, August 18, 2014

Tickets available from and 08 8225 8888

Jupiters Theatre, Gold Coast

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tickets available from and 132 849

Brisbane Convention Centre, Great Hall

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tickets available and 132 849

Cairns Convention Centre

Friday, August 29, 2014

Tickets available and 1300 855 835

Townsville Entertainment Centre

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tickets available 07 4771 4000

Wrest Point Entertainment Centre, Hobart

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tickets available from and 1300 795 257

Tamworth Regional Entertainment and Convention Centre

Friday, September 5, 2014

Tickets available from and 02 6767 5300

Llewellyn Hall, Canberra

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Tickets available from and 132 849

Civic Theatre, Newcastle

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tickets available from and 132 849 & Civic Theatre Box Office – (02) 4929 1977

The Star Event Centre, Sydney

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tickets available and 132 849

WIN Entertainment Centre, Wollongong

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tickets available from and 132 849

Palais Theatre, Melbourne

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Newcastle Youth Orchestra (NYO) Presents

The first concert for the season is exploring music across the globe. Climb aboard with NYO and Captain Elliot Peck as we visit France, Ireland, America and Hungary, and explore the works of Saint-Saens, Brahms and a whole lot more! Bring the kids and your imagination to enjoy a wonderful afternoon of music making and giant puppetry.


Kids Classics: The Places You’ll Go

When: Saturday, 5th April 2014

Time: 2pm

Where: Newcastle Civic Theatre

Tickets: Available soon through Ticketek!


For more information visit the website at:!2014-orchestra-season-/c1ulo .

Wagga Area Job Vacancies


12 Month Maternity Relief Placement

Remuneration:Minimum $879.81 gpw + super
Enquiries:Scott Gray – 02 6926 9285
Closing Date:Wednesday, 12 March 2014 @ 5.00pm AEST



12 Month Maternity Relief Placement

Remuneration:Minimum $1,285.47 gpw + super
Enquiries:Serena Wallace – 02 6926 9235 or Michael Schmid – 02 6926 9220
Closing Date:Friday, 14 March 2014 @ 5.00pm AEST



Remuneration: Minimum $24.80 gph + super
Enquiries:Jo Somerville – 02 6926 9684
Closing Date:Friday, 14 March 2014 @ 5.00pm AEST



Salary Range:$58,000 – $70,000 gpa + 9.25% super
Enquiries:Greg Minehan – 02 6926 9332
Closing Date:Tuesday, 18 March 2014 @ 5.00pm AEST



Part-time 30 hours per week

Remuneration:Minimum $804.69 gpw + super (based on part-time work arrangements)
Enquiries:Kym Stewart – 02 6926 9370 or Katie Burkinshaw 02 6926 9374
Closing Date:Friday, 21 March 2014 @ 5.00pm AEST



Part-time 21 hours per week

Remuneration:Minimum $508.32 gpw + super (based on part-time work arrangements)
Enquiries:Graeme White – 02 6971 4621
Closing Date:Friday, 21 March 2014 @ 5.00pm AEST



Two (2) Year Fixed Term Contract

Salary Range:$77,000 – $93,000 gpa + super
Enquiries:Geoff Veneris – 02 6926 9573
Closing Date:Friday, 11 April 2014 @ 5.00pm AEST


To view these opportunities and apply, please visit Wagga Wagga City Council’s vacancy page…