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Lee Kernaghan is re-releasing the fund raising hit Spirit Of The Bush on iTunes to support the NSW Bushfire Appeal. The song features vocal performances from Lee, Adam Brand and Steve Forde supported by an all-star lineup of artists featuring  The McClymonts, Sunny Cowgirls, Tania Kernaghan, Nick Kingswell, Travis Collins, Kirsty Lee Akers, Shae Fisher, The Davidson Brothers, Dianna Corcoran, Aleyce Simmonds and Jake Nikolia.

“The song was originally written to raise the hopes of drought stricken communities across Australia during one of the worst droughts in our recent history,” Lee said. “At the time of recording all the artists and the songwriters involved agreed that the song should remain as a fundraiser for rural and regional Australia in perpetuity. Right now there is probably no greater cause than assisting those people in NSW who have lost homes and property in the NSW Bushfires.”

It was agreed by all involved that 100% of the artist royalties, record company income and all music publishing income and royalties would be donated to the cause. The song is available on iTunes. It is $2.19 and the idea is to give people a way to donate that is not expensive, but hopefully large numbers will participate.

Please help promote this great fundraising cause by sharing this information. Spirit Of The Bush is available from the following link:



Wagga Wagga Art Gallery Welcomes Australian photographers

Wagga Wagga Art Gallery welcomes the next exciting generation of Australian photographers in Envisage, the sixth graduation exhibition by students from the Bachelor of Arts (Photography) degree at the Wagga Wagga campus of Charles Sturt University. Envisage will be officially launched Saturday, 26 October, at 6pm, by Associate Professor Helen Ennis, Head of Art Theory and Graduate Convenor, Research at the Australian National University School of Art.

Exhibition Opening

When:        Saturday 26 October, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Where:       Links Gallery, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery

Cost:          Free

Exhibition Dates

When:        Friday 25 October – Sunday 18 December

Where:       Links Gallery, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery


Review: Parkland (2013)

Parkland was an interesting take on the whole JFK assassination. Not a who dunnit or a Parkland3conspiracy theory flick as you would think, but a film that deals with the impact the shooting had on the people around the events.

The film pretty much says that Lee Harvey Oswald was the only shooter (sorry conspiracy folks) and looks at the medical staff that tried to revive Kennedy, the Secret service that cared for his body and the families of the central characters. Most of the characters are left with their own personal mark by the event and its aftermath.

What could have been a shameless sobfest for American filmgoers is actually a very sensitive piece that even looks at the impact on the Oswald family after the assassination. Note quite the “important” film I think its director would like it to be, but nevertheless an interesting piece of history.


Review: Elysium (2013)


Damon all tech’ed up to even the score..

A rather interesting piece of Science Fiction, rather timely in terms of the current political feud in America over Obama-care.

Director Neill Blomkamp (with the help of Matt Damon and Jodie Foster) paint a picture of a bleak future where hi-tech medicine is only available to the very wealthy who live on a space station orbiting the earth. The earth itself is a complete dump (looks rather like Mexico not surprisingly) with mass overpopulation and problems galore. The space station Elysium is a paradise of nice tidy houses and beautiful people.

I found some interesting parallels in this film to Sleep Dealer, with a working underclass that supports a smaller wealthy one. Of course the obvious comparison is Metropolis, but then how can a film be bad if it is anything like Metropolis! I won’t spoil it for you anymore, definitely worth a look.


Taking Care of Family Treasures

Free workshop with Deidre McKillop from Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum

Families accumulate documents and memorabilia. These may include certificates, awards, maps, diaries, photos and photo albums, cuttings  & scrapbooks. Even the most recent of documents should be cared for in the same way as old documents.

You are invited to a FREE 2 hour workshop where Deidre will talk about how to care for your paper based memorabilia, how to reduce the risk of deterioration and provide tips on good storage and handling of objects.

Bring along your own paper based object to the workshop, share in some morning tea and discuss the needs and care of your collection at home.

WHEN: Friday 1 November 2013 9:30am-11:30am
WHERE: Musuem of the Riverina Botanic Gardens Site
BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL: click here, call 69 269 655 or email

The Australian Indie Radio Charts Week Ending 21/10/2013

The Australian Indie Radio Charts

Week Ending 21/10/2013


1. Sonoroan Los Canonazos – Laito
2. Rescue Me – Cavedoll
4. Have Patience – Rand Winburn
5. Do You Miss Me? – Jennifer Filzen
6. the manatee man – gary pane
7. sounding sweetly evil – lady mercedes
8. Feel Like its Worth It – Neal Storme
9. opportunity cost – The Jack Stafford Foundation
10. do you get it? – Nervewreck


1. Kerlazzo – Tiedye Black
2. All of You – Sameer Ramchandran Trio
3. tell me – stephen ewart
4. Counting Waves – Jack Hoban
5. Psalm Samba – Yemanja
6. Halleluyah – Eugene Marlow, Arranger
7. Breathe – Patrick Charles
8. Peekamoose Blues – Sam Morrison
9. Roll On – Terry Blankley
10. vox poetic – da phatfunk clique


1. Dark Lady (Rael BORG Dance Anthem Mix) – Isaac Angel
2. Give It To Me / Radio Mix – Annick
3. Thinking Of You – Gaz Reynolds
4. 12 Seconds – D-Clips
5. Top 1 – Golden Boy (Fospassin)
6. You Said My Love – DynamicDestony
7. New York Giants – Golden Boy (Fospassin)
8. Got To Move – DynamicDestony
9. Wonder – Radio Mix – Annick
10. Lose Your Mind The Siskomix – Motorbaby


1. everytime i look at you – kathleen procter-moore
2. watersound – amethyste written by cliff paris
3. Wishing You were Somehow Here Again – Kathleen Procter-Moore
4. City Vibes – Kimble Studios
5. Pulsar – soniq theater
6. Il Circo – Claudio Vena
7. FAVORITE FLOWER – Pamela Royal
8. Lost Photos – Dreamwind
10. Krystal Stars Extended – Kenneth J. Williams


1. DIDN\’T I PRAY – Erick Hovey
2. Mothers care – Dady World
3. Yard From God – Lil Rock Dogs
4. Unbelievable – Chance feat damien
6. Dry cry – Golden Boy (Fospassin)
7. I love it when she 3:39 – J.Willis
8. downtown – Tommy Brown
10. Its OK to Be a Black Girl – Paradise


1. Heaven Bound (Feat. Chris Powers) – David Moore
3. Hes here – Jeanine Noyes
5. Speak The Word – Sharon Lee
6. Mr In Between – The Messengers
7. Give It Up For The Girl – SunshineAndBergey
8. Glorious God – Tina Osborn
9. Magical Ways – Kris Miller
10. Saviour My Reedemer (Radio Edit) – Acts II


1. start over again – GLENN ERICKSON
2. Moby Dick – Dick Mosely
3. His belly�s full of beer – Ernie Oldfield
5. Neons Fading In The Distance – Brad Belt
6. Whos Gonna Hold Her Hand – The Cumberland Trio
7. Love Me – COLLIN RAYE
8. Any Other Man – Billy Greene
9. Amazing Grace Revisited – Nashville Session Players
10. Load on my mind – William Ray


1. magic – Dr Xoo
2. Love Dub (drum mix) – ras command
3. did I say that – Dj Hound Dog
4. Pirate (cee mix remix) – Ras Command
5. a drill – himiko
6. Full Moon Dervish – Open Canvas
7. Acid Dub – ras command
8. Idz Do Domu Spacz (Part IV) – NSS
9. memory of the future – HIMIKO
10. Decoy – Jordan Fields


1. Hawaii – Golden Boy (Fospassin)
2. Start up – Transit inc
3. Old Guildford Town – The Black Market
4. 12) WE’RE FUCKED – The Rock Hards
5. Celebrity Roadkill – Mandy Kane
6. refugees – kev carmody
7. prague radio – brian baker
8. here swing sing – Kooii
9. Goodbye, Goodbye – Happy Ghosts
10. space station – Memphis Nights


1. Hot Crunk – Golden Boy (Fospassin)
2. Rubberbands (TOTL Mix) – BradElectro
3. Change Their Ways – MDV
4. Paradise – JAH-N-I
5. I am a movie star – Golden Boy (Fospassin)
6. Love Life (I-stic) – JAH-N-I
7. Holidays Hit Song – Golden Boy (Fospassin)
8. purple stuff – Zukie Joseph
9. Mary Jane – SEEFARI
10. Heritage – Doug Sandrini

Review: The Mechanic (2011)

Jason Statham stars in this remake of the classic Charles Bronson film. To be honest I was The-Mechanic-Movie-Trailer-Official-HDexpecting beforehand to completely hate this purely because it was a remake of something so good, I was delightfully surprised…

This remake pretty much followed the original with a bit of modernizing and extra twists and turns dropped in for better affect. In a lot of ways it was a standard Statham action fare, but if I am being completely fair he did do the original work justice.

As I like to do with a lot of remakes, you just really have to ignore the fact that this is a film based on another film and look at it as a separate work. Whilst you can then still see glaring similarities, you will also enjoy the extra interpretation the new director adds.

In some ways this approach worked for The Mechanic, but you could also not get away from the fact that Statham captured brilliantly the broodiness and detachment of the Bronson character in the original. Frankly it is hard to ask the question “was it as good as the original” as the new version of The Mechanic is such a good film in its own right.

Review: Red Heat (1988)

A bit of a classic film from the hey day of Governor Schwarzenegger, when grunting and Red-Heat-featured-imageflexing his biceps pretty much got him through every scene.  That’s not to say that Arnie did not make slightly better films after this as his range improved, but Red Heat was still firmly steeped in the days of grunting!

Arnie plays a hard-nosed Russian cop sent out to America to intercept a Russian gangster. Jim Belushi wise-cracks his way through an hour and a bit with reference after reference to masturbation (well that seemed to be what most of his lines were about) and does a fairly good job as his local cop babysitter. Laurence ‘Larry’ Fishburne looking very thin and young plays a somewhat straight fellow cop who tut’s and huffs about Belushi throughout.

Not much here in the way of story or character development, but it stands up quite well against similar films of the ilk coming out in recent years. Call it a guilty pleasure.

Wagga Wagga Area Positions Vacant

Business & Communications Support Officer (GM011)

Remuneration: Minimum $942.39 gross per week + super

Enquiries:        Luke Grealy – 02 6926 9190

Closing Date:   Friday, 1 November 2013 @ 5.00pm


Oasis Aquatic Support (Lifeguard) (CS061)

Remuneration: Minimum $23.15 gross per hour + super
Enquiries:        Rob Sharpe – 02 6926 9390
Closing Date:   Friday, 1 November 2013 @ 5.00pm


Oasis Aquatic Support (Service) (CS062)

Remuneration: Minimum $23.15 gross per hour + super
Enquiries:        Rob Sharpe – 02 6926 9390
Closing Date:   Friday, 1 November 2013 @ 5.00pm


Temporary Customer Service Officer (CS083)

Remuneration: Minimum $942.39 gross per week + super
Enquiries:        Meredith Hester – 02 6926 9151
Closing Date:   Monday, 4 November, 2013 @ 5.00pm


Assistant Rates Officer (CS043)

Remuneration: Minimum $641.99 gross per week + super
Enquiries:        Rod Taber – 02 6926 9245
Closing Date:   Friday, 25 October 2013 @ 5.00pm


Administration Officer (SCS131)

Remuneration: Minimum $898.79 gross per week + super
Enquiries:        Kate Giltrap or Sarah Jones – 02 6926 9303
Closing Date:   Thursday, 24 October 2013 @ 5.00pm



Enquiries:        Peter Adams – 02 6926 9212

Closing Date:   Monday, 28 October 2013 @ 5.00pm



Enquiries:        Steve Prowse – 02 6926 9254

Closing Date:   Monday, 21 October 2013 @ 5.00pm



Remuneration: Minimum $1,367.35 gross per week + super

Enquiries:        James Bolton – 02 6926 9648
Closing Date:   Monday, 21 October 2013 @ 5.00pm



To view full details of these opportunities and to apply, please visit Wagga Wagga City Council’s vacancy page…